Sunday, February 4, 2007

A Teen Girl Squad Moment

I asked the teen girls to bring a DVD or book--preferably one that's not Christian--for our class on Wednesday. This morning, I was reminding them. Ashley said, "So it's supposed to be Christian."
"No,"I reminded her. "It should not be Christian, at least not specifically."
"So I'm supposed to bring a bad movie?"
I paused for a moment, counting my words, figuring out how to say this without upsetting her parents. "Ashley...There's a lot of ground between The Passion of the Christ or VeggieTales without being a *bad* movie."
Ashley punched her sister in the shoulder. "See, I can bring my movie!"
Miranda (her sister) looked at me imploringly. "Please, no! It's really bad."
"We're going to be talking about them, not watching them. What move is it?"
"Dodgeball," Ashley said.
"That's fine," I told her.

The funny part? Our lesson is going to be about how not everything that is labeled "Christian" necessarily is so, and how you can find good, positive, morally edifying messages in many, many places. By cutting a clear and unambiguous line between "Christian" and "bad," Ashley basically made my point for me.

This is going to be an interesting class.

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