Sunday, December 17, 2006

Lesson 7: Suffering and Forgiveness

Again, backfilling...
It's been a long time since lesson 7, and I didn't write about it immediately afterward (bad Alisha! Badbad!). Not much from that class is sticking out in my memory, except that Ali, the kid with some sibling issues, wasn't there. This was a disappointment, because I think she totally would have gotten Joseph. I'll just skim the salient points:
* Joseph was the favorite child. Is there a favorite child in your family? How do the other kids feel about that?
* What was Egypt like at the time? We talked about different forms of worship, the Nile as life-giver, etc.
* Does Joseph work or just sit around waiting for God to help him (God helps those who help themselves--a massive lesson for little kids to get)?
* Are there other examples in the Bible of someone giving undeserved forgiveness (We were going for the whole Jesus-forgave-us thing, but none of the kids quite came up with that on their own).

We also had them use their concordances to find other examples of God talking to people through dreams and visions. We asked them if they thought God still talked to people that way. David thought so; Joshua wasn't sure.

That's really all I can recall.

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