Sunday, December 17, 2006

Lesson 8: Signs and Wonders

Lesson 8 is another one I don't remember well. We had the kids retell the story of Moses, which they all knew pretty well (Thank you, Prince of Egypt--and, for the record, a few of them even knew how the movie deviated from the Biblical account).
We talked about all the plagues. The kids really got into this one, in that kids-like-gross-things sort of way. They also knew most of the plagues, but not the order. We tried to point out to them the switch from Pharoah hardening his own heart to God hardening it, and also the switch from plagues that affected everyone to plagues that affected only the Egyptians. I'm not sure if they got it. Everyone was kind of fidgety--some times too much reading from the Bible and too little activity is a bit overwhelming for the kids.

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