Friday, December 29, 2006

New Web Resources

I just wanted to share a few new Christian blogs and websites I've been following lately. Of course, Rob is the real expert on this sort of thing--and these have nothing to do with Christian education, but just Christianity at large. Still, I thought I'd share; it's nice to link to people who are doing beautiful and good things.

First up is J-Walking, a blog by David Kuo, who used to be a high muckety-muck in the Bush administration's faith-based initiatives thing. He's a neat guy. After he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, he re-evaluated the role of Christianity in the halls of power and wrote Tempting Faith, a book about the whole experience. Sad to say, I haven't read it yet, but it's very high on my read-this-soon list. His blog is neat--sometimes his own thoughts on his life and his family, other times, a look at the news of the day. Part of his thing is advocating that Christians take a two-year break from politics and devote the time and money they were spending on political advocacy and use it to help the poor. I think that's a good idea, but probably better for people who are truly hooked on politics. Maybe the emphasis should be more, taking the time and money you spend on whatever it is that you allow to control your life (be it politics or, say...being a bookaholic) and using it, instead, to help others.

Next on the docket is The Continuum, by Albion Land, who, as far as I can tell, is an Anglican clergyman. He posts sermons he enjoys, as well as thoughts on each day's focus from the Collects and things. As I come from a non-liturgical tradition, I really don't get what he's drawing from, but I love what he has to say about it. Today's entry, on Childermas, particularly gave me the shivers. This guy is amazing. Read his stuff. Pray about it.

Then there is Busted Halo, which I really want to dislike, but find myself reading almost daily. Why should I wish so fervently to dislike it? Because it's trendy-religious (Judeo-Christian, from what I can see), and there's this hip vibe that I find a serious turn off. Why can't we meet Jesus where He is, instead of demanding that He wear the clothes of our society?
The obvious question, then: why do I read it? Because, despite the hip trappings, it's got some really good content. Some of it is boring, annoying, or condescending. But some of it -- a lot of it-- is wonderful. Example: This article, about the hubbub lately regarding Keisha Castle-Hughes, the sixteen-year-old actress who plays Mary in the recent Nativity movie. Apparently alot of people think it's miraculous that she's pregnant, after playing the most famous teen mom of all time. I just like that the article provides a much-needed reality check. They also feature profiles of contemporary Christian writers, reviews of movies, music, and books (whether the original material is aimed at a Christian audience or not, they always review from a more or less Christian perspective). I also like that it's called "Busted Halo"--it's not perfect, and it's not trying to fool anyone.

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