Friday, May 11, 2007

Digg it

My grandfather once wrote a textbook about archeology called (I am not making this up) Dig It, Man!

Following in the familial footsteps (and at Rob's advice), I'm adding Digg This buttons to the site. When you see stuff that you think is very neat...well, Digg it. I was going to do it on every post, but now I'm thinking that no one will want to digg any individual post in significant numbers, so I'm just putting it on the page overall.

If you think something on the site is neat, hit the "Digg This" button, and write a quickie note about it. It doesn't take very long at all, I promise.

More about the Sunday school later. Mom is coming to visit for Mother's Day, along with her fiance and my li'l brudder. Mom doesn't really like going to church with me, and it seems like every time she does come (twice, in the six years since my baptism), the sermon is one of those that makes me want to crawl in a hole and die. Example: The last time she came, it was the 45th anniversary of my congregation. I thought the guest preacher (I think he used to be the minister there, way back when) would preach about the joys of our church family. What better day to bring my mom than a celebration day, right?

He preached about obedience to God, and his primary example was the destruction of the Amelekites. Super. Needless to say=awkward conversation with Mom after (all those hard questions: "How can you love a God who punishes someone for not going through with, effectively, genocide?" uhm. Sometimes, I don't know.).

But this Sunday is Mother's Day, a day when we can usually count on a vaguely feminist sort of feeling from pulpit and pews, and rumor has it that my friend Mike is preaching. How much more safe can you get than Mother's Day at a church in the south?

When I was talking to Mom about her visit, she asked me, "Do you have church obligations on Sunday?"

Obligations? That's like asking her if she has...I don't know...contra dance obligations. It's not an obligation, I'm going because I want to, and because I love it--and, yes, because I'm obliged to teach Sunday School.

We have a Mother's Day craft, thanks to the help of Bead Store Maggie, our next-door neighbor. I told Mom that I'd appreciate it if she came, because an extra pair of hands would be a big help with the kids and the craft thing. We'll see if she bites.

Interestingly, my li'l brudder might be living with us this summer. I'm curious as to whether he'll come to even one service with us. We're talking about hosting a Sunday night group at our house, rather than drive the two-hour round-trip twice each Sunday (or trying to enjoy our Sabbath while killing time for the six hours between services). I wonder if he'll come to that.

Ok, back to digging....or probably playing some Civilization--even your devoted Sunday schoolmarm needs a bit of recreational computing every now and again.

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