Sunday, May 20, 2007

Review: Bible Study Guide

Pat, the education coordinator from church, gave me a copy of a ring-bound Bible study guide for all ages, and it looks lovely! Unfortunately, I doubt that we could acquire it for use in our classrooms at church, as Amazon has it listed as a "classic," with one copy available for $40.

We really need to figure out something, though. The awful 21st-Century Christian fluff we use now is actually losing us teachers. Most recently, my friend Amy, who was supposed to teach my heathens this summer, on learning that this curriculum had been ordered for her (without consulting her), said she just couldn't get forty-five minutes of real education out of one of those lessons--and she's right. Pat insisted that, since it had been ordered, it must be used, and Amy told her that she would not, in that case, be teaching. I don't know who will be shepherding my flock this summer, but I know when I get them back, I'm going to have to start all over with the re-education process (mazes and complete-the-picture activities do not belong in Sunday school).

At least Josh is the only one I'm retaining; the rest will be coming up from the 2nd grade. Josh knows what to expect from us. When I told his mother about Amy and the curriculum situation, she was visibly upset. "They don't learn anything from that stuff!" she said, "They need meat at his age." She's right..but a summer of marshmallow fluff won't hurt them too badly, I hope.

Ok, I'm in love with this curriculum. Each lesson has a Bible story (and yes, they go in chronological order), drills (which can be things like saying the books of the Bible in order, putting biblical figures in chronological order, naming all of Jacob's sons, etc), review (preparation for the story), supplemental scriptures (tying the story to the larger context of the Bible), definitions of hard or Bible-specific words (disciple, psalm), discussion questions (ranked in order of importance), MAP ACTIVITIES! (I <3 maps!), timelines, and a visual of some kind (draw a picture about the story).

This is the best curriculum ever. It's a lot like what JC and I are doing, except more organized. It's designed to be used with people of all ages, together, with modifications for older or younger participants. I think that's a neat idea.

It's too bad this is basically out of print! But maybe we could get it...

I need to tell Pat that it's awesome. MUCH better than that 21st century nonsense. I think children (and adults) would really benefit from this kind of curriculum.

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tn_lizzie2000 said...

Hi! You don't know me from Adam, but I found this post doing a Google search on the "Bible Study Guide For All Ages."

This is NOT out of print! Nor is it $40! Go here to find out more about this stuff! Prices are a little better at CBD, and your pastor could get a discount from them.

LemmonsAid has all 104 lessons from Unit 1 as free downloadable handouts for Adults. I'd think your age group could chew on this stuff too! :o)

The unit you got is part of a 4 year cycle of studying through the Bible. For 3rd graders, you would need the Intermediate Student Pages. There are 104 Student Pages that are designed to be used by 1st-3rd graders. Whoever-makes-financial-decisions and all the other teachers should be told that EVERYONE in your church needs to use this curriculum! The cost is really NOT bad, especially when your Pastor would have an entire congregation of Bible Scholars in just a few years!! (Wow! What a thought!)

Blessings to you as you teach your little heathens. :o)

<><, Lizzie